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Lecture 23: Call to Discipleship

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The call of Jesus to, “follow me” is the call to redirect everything in our lives. A disciple is one who seeks to fulfill the will of the father by actively following Jesus the Son while continually depending on the Holy Spirit for guidance and strength. Faith is my trust in Jesus as well as the content of the Gospel. Practice is putting it into play. Catechism is the content of the faith, and catechesis is how you express it. Cheap grace is not biblical because it allows for justification without ensuing discipleship. Primary purposes of the church are to proclaim the Gospel, worship and make disciples. In addition to knowing the content, you must live it out. Clergy need to learn how to make and train disciples. Laity must be fully committed full-time ministers of the body of Christ.

Martyn Friday Session 1


Call to Discipleship

I. A Call by Jesus in the Gospels to, “Follow Me”

A. Definition of disciple

B. Faith and practice

C. Catechism and catechesis

D. Bonhoeffer on discipleship

II. Discipleship is a Primary Purpose of the Church

A. Content

B. Practice

III. Few Leaders Can Articulate the Faith

A. Example

B. Thoughts

C. Dallas Willard thoughts

D. Apprenticeship not considered essential

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41 min 5 sec

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