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The Story of Jesus: Past, Present and Future

The Story of Jesus: Past, Present and Future

Many people would agree that the most significant and influential person to walk on planet earth has been Jesus of Nazareth. Although he never led an army, ruled a nation or wrote a book, world history is divided by his birth. The years before his arrival on earth are designated B.C. (before Christ). The years since his birth are designated A.D. (Anno Domini, “in the Year of the Lord”). The life and teachings of Jesus have had a tremendous impact on our beliefs, values, personal ethics and culture, especially in western society. Even those who are not followers of Jesus have been knowingly or unknowingly influenced by his life and teachings. In a recent visit to the Portland Art Museum, I was reminded of how the life of Jesus is so often featured in classical art. It is hard to appreciate the art without knowing something of the story. In spite of the influence of this most notable figure in human history, many people know surprisingly little about Jesus—what he did and what he said.This book is designed to introduce readers to Jesus; who he is, what he did and what he said. But while most books about Jesus focus on the events of his life on earth as recorded in the four gospels, this book begins with Jesus’ appearances in the Hebrew Bible (or Old Testament). According to the Bible, Jesus’ birth was the continuation, not the beginning of his existence. After exploring the appearances of Jesus on earth before his birth, we turn to the gospels to consider 28 of the major events and turning points in the life of Jesus. In the next section of the book, we focus on what Jesus is presently doing in heaven. Finally, we examine nine biblical prophecies to discover what Jesus will be doing in the future. After studying the life of Jesus--past, present and future--we turn our attention to the teachings of Jesus. In Part II of the book we explore what Jesus said about the church, about forgiveness, about heaven, about God’s law, about miracles, about the poor, about Satan, about sin, about worship and about many more important and relevant topics.You are invited to come along with me in learning more about this most influential figure in human history. I am confident that you will be informed, challenged and blessed by The Story of Jesus: Past, Present and Future

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  • Author: J. Carl Laney
  • Publisher: CreateSpace
  • Publish Date: 2019-01-01
  • ISBN-10: 1707887853
  • ISBN-13: 9781707887859
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