The Situational Leader

The Situational Leader

The Situational Leader is a book by Paul Hersey that explores the concept of situational leadership and its impact on the effectiveness of leaders. The author argues that the most successful leaders are those who can adapt their leadership style to meet the changing needs and development levels of their subordinates. The book introduces the "Situational Leadership Model," which classifies followers into four categories based on their competence and commitment levels and outlines the appropriate leadership styles for each category. The model highlights the importance of matching the leader's style to the followers' level of development and provides practical guidance on how to effectively assess and adjust the leadership style in response to changes in followers' abilities. The book is a valuable resource for leaders looking to improve their effectiveness and better understand the role of situational leadership in the workplace.

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  • Publisher: Center for Leadership Studies
  • Publish Date: 1984-01-01
  • ISBN-10: 0931619017
  • ISBN-13: 9780931619014
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