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The Pastor's Guide to Fruitful Work and Economic Wisdom

The Pastor's Guide to Fruitful Work and Economic Wisdom

People spend most of their time working - and that’s how God intended it to be! But many Christians see work as a distraction, a curse to be endured between spiritual activities. As a result, their calling and contribution, their work and witness, suffer. This Pastor’s Guide lays out a vision for our daily lives. Discipleship is not reserved for Sundays and service projects; it is faithfully lived in everyday actions in jobs, homes, and communities. Pastors, yours is a wonderful and difficult calling. This book is designed to equip you to serve your people in profound and tangible ways. "The Pastor's Guide is a vital tool for urban pastors and provides the necessary ideas for transforming the human heart. Every page builds upon a robust theological foundation to form a framework for an integrated view of faith. work, and economics. This guide has rekindled my passion for the beauty of work and the role it plays in human flourishing." — Christopher Brooks (Senior Pastor, Evangel Ministries, Detroit, MI) “l pray this book has a large influences The primary point of Christian engagement with culture is in the various, scattered callings of God's people. Pastors need to understand who and where God's people are and equip them in their callings. This book is an excellent resource; l will use it throughout our pastoral team and network.“ T - Tyler Johnson (Lead Pastor, Redemption Church, Mesa, Ariz.; Co-Director. Surge Network) "As a pastor and a seminary leader, l wish l had been part of this conversation 20 years ago‘ l am thankful for each essay in this guide and for the way it helps make the connection between Sunday theology and Monday vocation, This book reminds us that all of life is lived in a response of worship back to the Creator and Sustainer of all." - Scott Daniels (Dean. Azusa Pacific Seminary)

Product Details

  • Author: Greg Forster
  • Publisher: Made to Flourish
  • Publish Date: 2012-01-01
  • ISBN-10: 990870103
  • ISBN-13: 9780990870104
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