Lectures in Old Testament Theology

Lectures in Old Testament Theology

This series of lectures presented at the Asbury Theological Seminary in 1993 explores the depth of meaning behind the divine name, Yahweh. Drawing upon his insight into Semitic languages, Dr. Kinlaw reveals many dimensions to the nature of God and the divine-human relationship. Dr. Oswalt then devoted an entire sabbatical to the initial editing process. The result is a powerful text that truly “speaks” to both the heart and the mind. Although this is graduate-level material, Dr. Kinlaw’s unique communication gifts make it accessible to the layman. In these lectures, Dr. Kinlaw shows that there is a single theology that rings through the Old Testament. Anyone looking for a broad introduction to Old Testament theology will benefit from reading this book, but so will those who desire nothing more than to have their love for Yahweh strengthened.

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  • Author: John N. Oswalt
  • Publisher: Francis Asbury Press
  • ISBN-13: 9781593175429
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