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Forging Identity: TUMI Satellite Summit 2017

Forging Identity: TUMI Satellite Summit 2017

The theme of the 2017 TUMI Summit was Forging Identity: Destroying Strongholds, Forming Christlikeness. We explored the idea of training and educating for the sake of helping our students come to know who they are in Christ, combating the lies of the enemy to interfere with that affirmation, and the practical methods to help them achieve this goal.

The three plenaries each focused on a different aspect of what it means to Forge Identity. All three are available for viewing here, along with a summary of what is happening with the TUMI Expansion around the world:

Plenary 1: Unleashing Abundance for Christ, Rev. Don Allsman
Plenary 2: The Re-Made Mind and the Transformed Life, Rev. Efrem Smith
Plenary 3: Learning to Fly: God's Formula for Forging Identity, Rev. Dr. Don L. Davis
TUMI International: TUMI's Expansion Update
Exciting things happened at this Summit!

More than 300 Satellite partners from across the US and world were present—leaders from site locations such as Cuba, Mexico, Romania, Rwanda, and India.
God moved greatly through our gathering, as one conferee was heard to say, “I’ve never seen anything like this. I’ve been going to conferences all my life and have been looking for something like this.”
The level of networking at the time was fruitful and amazing. We organized prison workshops for Prison Fellowship leaders who run sites within prison yards, and we hosted times with sites who train leaders in middle class/suburban communities as well.
We debuted our Swahili translation of Fight the Good Fight of Faith for Bishop Charles of Tanzania, a leader in the Charismatic Episcopal Church, and our Telugu Fight the Good Fight of Faith translation for our partners in India.
We received two new language translation requests for that resource there!
At the Summit’s end, we hosted a gathering of Latin American leaders who oversee Spanish-language TUMI satellites. Our TUMI Spanish coordinator, Gustavo Delgado, facilitated the time in Spanish. They reported how God was moving in their context, and brainstormed how they might leverage their sphere of influence in light of the TUMI expansion. At the end, they claimed 12 areas and 57 new satellites they hope to launch in the immediate future! We needed only to encourage and release them. They both own the vision, and are determined to do what they can to multiply laborers in countries desperate for the Gospel.

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  • Author: Don Davis
  • Publisher: TUMI Press
  • Publish Date: 2017-01-01
  • ISBN-10: 1629328073
  • ISBN-13: 9781629328072
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