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Christ-Centered Leadership at Work: Called to Serve on Mondays

Christ-Centered Leadership at Work: Called to Serve on Mondays

Jim DeVries, a successful entrepreneur, and Rick Sessoms, an acknowledged leadership educator, join together to challenge existing and potential leaders to impact our culture for Christ. By encouraging others to accept a call to serve in the workplace, they can serve as salt and light starting each Monday, affecting all areas of culture. Jim and Rick begin by showing how mistaken beliefs have devalued everyday work as a means of serving God. While telling the stories of their journey to become leaders, they provide living examples of how God developed them into successful leaders. They share their mistakes, the obstacles they faced, and the valley and mountaintop experiences God shepherded them through, all leading to a new understanding of God's view of success and significance. They give examples of building a healthy culture within an organization and common mistakes that a leader will make to damage it. Don't expect an audiobook that teaches techniques to help you climb the ladder of success. Instead, it shows how you can develop as a genuine leader interested in helping your followers develop as new leaders. You will learn that others will gladly follow you not because you are perfect but because you strive to keep your beliefs, words, and actions in harmony. The audiobook has four parts:God's Call to Work and LeadershipOne Leader's JourneyCreating a Healthy CultureCaution and Encouragement. Three additional sections are:Learning to Communicate ResponsiblyLearning from Jesus, the Master CommunicatorLearning Effective Lay Leadership in the ChurchAbout the Authors: Jim DeVries Jim graduated from the University of Michigan with a degree in mechanical engineering. He worked for Sarns Inc., now a part of Terumo Medical Corporation, Baxter Laboratories, and Medtronic Incorporated. Jim is an entrepreneur, inventor, and sculptor, who founded DLP, Inc.

Product Details

  • Author: Rick Sessoms
  • Publisher: Credo House Publishers
  • Publish Date: 2021-01-01
  • ISBN-10: 1625861982
  • ISBN-13: 9781625861986
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