Free Online Bible Classes | The Book of the Twelve (Part 1)

The Book of the Twelve (Part 1)

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In the Hebrew Bible the Book of the Twelve is considered one book. In the Christian Bible, these are split up into twelve books known as the minor prophets. The major themes are the description of the sins of Israel and the nations, punishment of sin at the "day of the Lord" and restoration of Israel and the nations. This lesson covers the books of Hosea, Joel, Amos, Obadiah, Jonah, and Micah.


I. Introduction to the Book of the Twelve

A. Structure of the Book

1. The first 6 prophecies describe the sins of Israel and the nations.

2. The next three emphasize the punishment of sin on the day of the Lord.

3. The last three emphasize the restoration of Israel and their neighbors.

B. Characters

C. Historical Details and Theological Themes

D. Overview of the Structure

II. Contents of the Book of the Twelve

A. Hosea

1. Israel’s adultery dramatized (1–3)

2. Israel’s adultery detailed (4–14)

B. Joel

C. Amos

1. Worldwide lack of justice and love (1-2)

2. The injustice in Israel (chapters 3-6)

3. Visions of the coming destruction (7:1-9:10)

4. Statement of restoration (9:11-15)

D. Obadiah

E. Jonah

1. God calls Jonah to go to Nineveh (1–2)

2. Jonah preaches repentance in Nineveh (3)

3. God is concerned about all nations (4)

F. Micah

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