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What the Bible has to say about God as a Communicator.

What the Bible has to say about God as a Communicator.

By: Dr. George Guthrie

We love receiving kind, encouraging, beautiful words that help us. And no one knows how to wield words in the world like God. And I want you to think with me for a few minutes about God as a communicator because what's behind this idea that we need to read the Bible effectively is that God himself has spoken into the world in a beautiful and powerful way, at times even playful.

As he draws us into what he wants to say to us, think about the fact that the Bible itself begins with the words in the beginning. God said. God said. Right from the very beginning when God created the world, he made the world with language.

And we tend to think of language as something human, a part of us being human beings in the world. But I want to suggest that language existed before the world was founded in God's heart. It may be that part of us being made in the image of God is our ability to communicate because God himself is a communicator.

God spoke, and the foundations of all we know as reality came into existence.

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