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Birth of Jesus

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The birth of Christ is an historical event. The virgin birth of Jesus is a fundamental aspect of his nature and ministry. The details of the birth narrative in Luke are consistent with historical events. 


The Life of Jesus

Part 2

Life of Jesus: The Birth of Jesus

I.  The Virgin Birth

A.  Scripture References

B.  Critical View

C.  Response

II.  The Problem of Quirinius (Cyrenius)

A.  Governor in A.D. 6

B.  Homonadenses Revolt in 6 B.C.

III.  The Problem of the Massacre of the Innocents

A.  No external evidence

B.  Probably about 20 children involved

C.  Consistent with Herod's character

D.  "Better to be a swine than a son."

IV.  Genealogies in Matthew and Luke

A.  Are such genealogies possible?

B.  Differences

C.  Different names

D.  Possible explanations

V.  The Star of Bethlehem

VI.  Theological Significance

VII.  The Five Fundamentals

A.  Inerrancy

B.  Deity of Jesus

C.  Virgin Birth

D.  Substitutionary Atonement

E.  Bodily Resurrection and Second Coming of Christ

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