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Basic Tools for Reading your Bible

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Discusses concordances, study Bibles, translations (formal and functional equivalents), Bible dictionaries, Bible study software, etc, as well as the basic commitments one needs for Bible study.


Basic Tools For Reading your Bible


I.  Basic tools and commitments needed for Bible study

A.  Packing for the trip

1.  Packing too much

2.  Packing too little

B.  Basic tools needed for sound Bible reading

1.  A good study Bible includes:

a.  A limited concordance

b.  Some include cross-references

c.  Study notes

The danger here is that some study notes come from one source of theological viewpoint and we can receive a very limited view of scripture.

d.  Some have subject indexes

e.  Maps

f.  Various articles

g.  Find one that fits you best.

2.  Why we need several translations of the Bible.

a.  There will always be a need for new translations.

b.  Meaning of the word gossip

c.  We want to parallel the original message as much as possible while communicate to our culture clearly

1.  Formal equivalent translation- Word-for-word

You are left to study the text for yourself to see what it means. These are important for Bible study (Ex: KJV, NASV)

2.  Functional equivalent translation - Thought-for-thought

It takes the words that are there and tries to communicate what the author intended to say through the text. These are good for reading. (Ex: NLT)

3.  Paraphrase (Ex: The original TLB)

3.  A good Bible dictionary

4.  An exhaustive concordance

5.  Bible study software


II.  Personal commitments: How do we approach Bible study

A.  Consider your pre-understanding about a particular passage

1.  Based on our culture.

2.  Based on past teaching we might have had

3.  Based on past experiences.

B.  The commitment to truth seeking means to discover what truth God wants to communicate to my life.

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