Free Online Bible Classes | Aspects of the Atonement (Part 2)

Aspects of the Atonement (Part 2)

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Three more aspects of the atonement are propitiation, expiation, and reconciliation. Christ's resurrection is a ratification of the efficacy of the atonement.


Aspects of the Atonement (part 2) (45 minutes)

d. Propitiation : Appeasement of God’s wrath against our sin

e. Expiation: Removal of our liability to suffer sin’s penalty

f. Reconciliation: Change of relationship between God a humans

1. Presupposes an estrangement in relationship

2. Involves intervention to remove basis of alienation

3. A positive change in relationship

4. Main terms

5. Object of reconciliation

3. Ratification of the efficacy of the atonement through Christ’s resurrection