Free Online Bible Classes | Themes in Acts and the Credibility of Miracles

Themes in Acts and the Credibility of Miracles

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By historical standards, Luke is a good historian. The literary construction of Acts is parallel to the literary construction of Luke. Themes in Acts are the idea of hinder/hindered, respect for Judaism, prayer, signs and wonders, the Spirit, evangelism, the marginalized and cross-cultural commication. Relationship to Judaism is important. Dr. Keener also discusses the credibility of miracles. 


1. Style, Message and Preparation for the Book of Acts

a. Parallels in Acts

b. Writing Length

c. Publication Facts

d. Apologetical Information

e. The Message

2. Miracles in Acts

a. Attitude toward Miracles

b. Examples of Miracles

c. Eyewitness Testimony

1). Praying for Accidents

2). Praying for the Blind

3). Praying for the Dead

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