Free Online Bible Classes | Zophar’s Speech and a Summary of Cycle 1 (11:1-20)

Zophar’s Speech and a Summary of Cycle 1 (11:1-20)

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Zophar assumes that Job is being punished because he sinned and accuses him of mocking God. Job's three friends move from tactful suggestions to open hostility. As Job is searching for answers, he becomes disappointed in his friends.


I. Zophar's First Response

A. Zophar comes closer to accusing Job of sinning

B. Since Job is a mortal, he can't understand God

C. Later in the book, God will say that human wisdom is good but it has limitations

II. Summary of the First Cycle of Speeches

A. The three friends move from tactful suggestion to open hostility

B. Eliphaz's encounter with the night spirit

C. The stance of the friends could be regarded as a perversion of the doctrine of total depravity

D. Job is searching for answers and disappointed in his friends

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