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This is the most diverse section in the Old Testament in terms of types of literature. We learn a lot from these books about how the people of Israel lived as they related to God and one another. The Psalms represent the best prayers, hymns and calls to worship that Israel produced. Psalms teaches us what true worship is.


I. Three ways to interpret the Psalms

A. Individual expressions of spirituality

B. Interpreted and applied according to their literary type

1. Hymn of praise

2. Royal Psalms

3. Individual thanksgiving psalms

4. Individual laments

5. Community laments

C. Reading the Psalms as a whole book

II. Outline of Psalms

A. Psalms 1–41: Worshipping God in times of trouble

B. Psalms 42–72: Teaching worship to the next generation

C. Psalms 73–89: The consequences of rejecting a godly heritage

D. Psalms 90–106: Israel must exercise worship while being patient

E. Psalms 107–150: Worship and restoration

Iii. Conclusion of Psalms

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