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Who Jesus Is

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Jesus is the best known person in history. He has had more affect on world history than any other leader or philosophy or political movement. Many people know the name, but who is he? What did he say about himself? What did his followers say about him? And what is the significance and relevance of these questions and our answers?


Who is Jesus?

I. Acts 2

A. Real human being

B. Jesus is Lord

II. Jesus is God

A. Jesus is the Son of God

B. Jesus is God

C. Allowing for the Trinity

III. Incarnation

A. Fully Human

B. Fully God

C. Importance of the Incarnation

1. Important to our salvation

a. Christianity is exclusive

b. Evangelism must be radically Christ-centered

2. You must believe in the incarnation to be a Christian

IV. Central question of life

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