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1 Timothy

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Two themes in 1 Timothy are the role and requirements for bishops and elders, and the role of women in ministry.


Lesson Forty-one: The Pastoral Epistles

Part 2

II. 1 Timothy

A. Paul's child in the faith (1:2)

B. The Law (1:9-10)

C. Paul "acted in ignorance" (1:13)

D. Translation of the word "men" (2:4)

E. Creedal formula (2:5-6)

F. Cultural or universal? (2:8, 9)

G. Role of Women (2:11-15)

1. Learning in silence? (2:11)

2. Prohibition of teaching and authority (2:12)

3. Universal, not cultural (2:13-14)

4. Saved through childbearing? (2:15)

H. Bishops and Elders (3:1)

I. Qualifications for Elders (3:2ff)

J. Creedal formula (3:16)

K. Concern for family (5:8)

L. Contentment (6:6-8)