Free Online Bible Classes | The Theology of Job (Part 1)

The Theology of Job (Part 1)

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Job’s suffering brought him to a new understanding of who God is and what God is doing in the world. Job’s hope, and our hope, is in a heavenly redeemer that rose from the dead. Legalism comes about often when people hold to essential teachings but they don’t know God. They substitute the rules for relationship.


I. The Message of Job

A. Satan's challenge is, "Does Job fear God for nothing?"

1. The answer is, "no"

2. Job learned that the benefit is God himself

B. Our hope is in God

C. The need for a heavenly redeemer

D. Job's understanding of God came through redemptive suffering

II. Misdirected Orthodoxy

A. Orthodoxy is essential but never sufficient

B. Job often prays but the three never do

C. Job's faith is combined with honesty

III. Questions and Answers

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