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Leviticus emphasizes God’s holiness and that his people are to be holy. Holiness means unique, set apart. God knows people will sin, so he designed a system to prevent sin from standing in the way of their relationship with God. Priests were set aside for covenant worship. The Day of Atonement symbolizes the way God forgives sin. God wants the people of Israel to move toward moral excellence, not just avoid sin.


I. Introduction

A. Definition of holy

B. Setting

C. Time Period

II. Sections

III. Contents

A. Sacrifices (1–7)

1. Five Types

2. Set Ritual

3. Theological Truths

B. Priests are set aside for covenant worship (8–10)

C. Clean and unclean (11–15)

D. Day of Atonement (16)

1. Four Stages of the Ceremony

2. Symbolic Significance

E. Israel as a holy people (17–27)

IV. Conclusion

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