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God sends Moses to lead the Israelites out of Egypt. After God sends the ten plagues, Pharoah lets them go. God gives the Ten Commandments and instructions for the Tabernacle. Aaron and his sons are set aside to be priests.


I. Introduction

A. Setting

B. Time Period

C. Historical Context

II. The Theme of Exodus: God Delivers His People

A. God Delivers Israel Out of Egypt (1–18)

1. Israel’s enslavement and Moses’ call (1-4)

2. God leads the people out (5-18)

B. God delivers Israel so they can be a holy people (19–24)

1. Standards of the covenant - Ten Commandments

2. Case laws

C. Priests that will serve God and lead in keeping the covenant (25–31)

D. Covenant breaking and covenant renewal (32–34)

E. Building the tabernacle (Chapters 35-40)

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