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Genre of Psalms

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The book of Psalms is divided into five sections. The Psalms were written by different people at different times for different purposes. Some were for public worship and some were the result of personal reflection in times of joy, distress or repentance. 


Genre of Psalms

I. Structure

A. Book 1: Psalms 1-41

B. Book 2: Psalms 42-72

C. Book 3: Psalms 73-89

D. Book 4: Psalms 90-106

E. Book 5: Psalms 107-150

II. Authorship

III. Categories of Psalms

A. Psalms of Zion

B. Royal Psalms

C. Hymns

D. Wisdom Psalms

E. Penitential Psalms

F. Imprecatory Psalms

G. Praise Psalms

H. Lament Psalms

1. Address to God

2. Complaint

3. Prayer for help or deliverance

4. Confession of confidence

5. Praise

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