Free Online Bible Classes | The Sermon on the Mount and the Galilean Ministry

The Sermon on the Mount and the Galilean Ministry

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Jesus teaches that the way to God is narrow and difficult. Knowing Jesus and what he teaches is everything. Jesus represents the beginning of a new era, the arrival of the promise.


I. What you are like on the inside - the "sound eye"

            A. Which master you serve

            B. Anxiety

            C. Judging

            D. Asking God

            E. Golden rule

            F. The two ways

II. Galilean ministry

            A. Themes in Matthew chapters 8 and 9

                        1. Fringe and common people

                        2. Divine-like authority

                        3. Ministry of compassion

                        4. Picture of mission

                        5. John the Baptist

                        6. Parable of the "brats"

                        7. Rejection and invitation

                        8. The bolt from the Johanine blue

                        9. Justice to the gentiles

                        10. Return of the unclean spirit

                        11. Anointing of the sinful woman

                        12. Blasphemy of the Spirit

                        13. Form of miracle stories

            B. Summary

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