Free Online Bible Classes | Seams in the Canonical and Covenantal Structure

Seams in the Canonical and Covenantal Structure

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There is thematic organization through the Old Testament canon and massive correspondence to the arrangement of the books in the New Testament.


I. Review of the Eight Boxes

II. Canonical Seams

a. Review of the Binding: the Introduction and Conclusion

b. Divisional Seams

1. At the End of the Law

2. At the End of the Prophets

3. At the Beginning of the Prophets

4. At the Beginning of the Writings

5. The Importance of the Three-Fold Division

c. The Testamental Seams

1. The Genealogies

2. The Kingship and the Temple

3. The Passover

4. The Warrior

5. Discussions of Adam

d. Divisional Seams in the New Testament

1. The Seam between the Law and the Prophets

2. The Seam between the Prophets and the Writings

III. Conclusions and Implications

a. The Bible Exhibits an Intelligent Design

b. The Structure Helps us Understand the Big Picture

1. The Relationship between the Old and New Testaments

2. The Structure Provides Hermeneutical Equipment

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