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Romans - Results

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The results of God's righteousness include, peace, hope, freedom, living in the Spirit and assurance.


Lesson Thirty-one: Romans

Part 6

IV. Content of the Letter (part 3)

A. Salutation (1:1-7)

B. Thanksgiving (1:8-15)

C. The Main Theme (1:16-17)

D. The Big Problem (1:18-3:20)

E. The Divine Remedy (3:21-4:25)


F. The Results of Righteousness (5:1-8:39)

1. Peace and Hope (5:1-11)

2. Parenthesis on Adam and Christ (5:12-21)

3. The Freedom of the Righteous (6:1-7:6)

a. Indicative (6:1-11)

b. Imperative (6:12-14)

4. Paul deals with the Law (7:7-25)

5. Living in the Spirit (8:1-17)

6. The Assurance of the Believer (8:18-39)

G. The Place of Israel in God's Righteousness (9:1-11:36)

H. Exhortations (12:1-15:13)

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