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Romans - Problem

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Paul begins Romans by stating the problem of sin and enumerating a few specific sins. His conclusion in chapter 3 is that both the Jews and the Gentiles are under the wrath of God.


Lesson Twenty-nine: Romans

Part 4

IV. Content of the Letter (part 1)

A. Salutation (1:1-7)

B. Thanksgiving (1:8-15)

C. The Main Theme (1:16-17)

D. The Big Problem (1:18-3:20)

1. Part 1 (1:18-31)

a. Idolatry

b. Homosexuality

c. Sins against society

2. Part 2 (2:1-3:8)

3. The Conclusion (3:9-20)

a. The Jew is under the wrath of God.

b. The Gentile is under the wrath of God.

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