Free Online Bible Classes | The Powers Above Nature (Chapters 40 and 41)

The Powers Above Nature (Chapters 40 and 41)

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The societies of the Ancient Near East had a high concept of justice. It was the duty of the rulers to uphold justice and protect the powerless. If you are a man who leads, you need to make sure that evil is held in check. Listen to people who come to you with a grievance. God is asking Job if he comprehends what it means to bring justice to the world. It involves both power and wisdom.


I. God Has Shown That He Controls the Chaotic Powers of the Cosmos

II. The Duty of the Kings to Uphold Justice

A. Teachings in Egypt by Ptahhotep

B. Teaching in Egypt of the, "Eloquent Peasant" [Egyptian gods “Ra” “Hapi” “Thoth” (god of scribes)]

C. Teachings in Mesopotamia [Ashurbanipal, Shamash]

D. Kingship ideal of Psalm 101

E. Genesis 18

III. Job Expects God to Act Justly

IV. God Addresses the Issue of Injustice in the World

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