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A major theme in the book of Philippians is joy in times of adversity.


Lesson Thirty-three: Philippians


I. The Prison Epistles

A. Philippians

B. Colossians

C. Ephesians

D. Philemon


II. Where was Paul's imprisonment?

A. Caesarea

B. Ephesus

C. Rome

1. For - 1:13; 1:22-23; 2:17; 4:22

2. Against - Great distance between Philippi and Rome


III. Outline of the Letter

A. Salutation (1:1-2)

B. Thanksgiving (1:3-11)

C. Body (1:12-4:1)

1. News (1:12-32)

2. Instruction (2:1-30)

3. Warnings (3:1-4:1)

D. Exhortation (4:2-9)

E. Thank You (4:10-20)

F. Conclusion (4:21-23)