Free Online Bible Classes | Paul's Journey to Rome - Part 2

Paul's Journey to Rome - Part 2

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Paul's Imprisonment and Ministry in Rome. By this time, Paul is living in Rome as a prisoner under house arrest. As Paul writes the book of Ephesians, he uses the metaphor of, "sit, walk, stand," to describe how we live life as a fully devoted follower of Jesus. In Philippians, he emphasizes living with an attitude of joy, even in times of suffering. A major theme in Colossians is how Jesus is the, "image" of God the Father. Philemon is an example of reconciliation because of the work of a mediator. 


I. Paul's Imprisonment in Rome, 28:17-31

II. The Meeting with the Jewish Leaders, 28:17-22

A. The Ministry to the Jews, 28:23-28

1. Proclamation Concerning the Kingdom 23, Acts 1:3

2. Response to the message, 24

3. Blindness of Israel, 25-27, Paul applied Isaiah, 6:9-10

B. Two Year Ministry, 28:30-31 four letters


A. Author, 1:1, 3:1

B. Readers

C. Date, 3:1, 4:1

D. Historical Setting, Acts 18:19, 19:8-10, 20:31

1. Paul spends three years in Ephesus.

2. The importance of Ephesus

E. Purpose & Theme "Christian conduct", 4:1

1. SIT: Position in Christ 1-3

2. WALK: Walk in the World 4:1-6:9

3. STAND: Stand against the Devil 6:10-24


A. Author, 1:1

B. Readers, Acts 16:13,20-21

C. Date, 1:7,13,17, 1:19, 2:24

D. Historical Setting, Acts 16:11-40

1. Return of Epaphroditus to Philippi, 2:25-30

2. Paul was a Roman citizen, Acts 16:22

E. Purpose, 1:12-26, 3:2-11, 4:10-20

F. Theme, 4:4


A. Author, Col. 1:1, 4:18, Philemon 1,9,19.

B. Readers, 1:2, 4:16

C. Date

D. Historical Setting, Acts 19:10,26, Col 1:4, 2:1, 1:7-9, 4:12, 4:7-9, Philemon 10

E. Purpose

F. Theme

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