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Order and Structure of the Books in the Writings

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The twelve books in the Writings are divided into two groups of six. The first six books are about covenant life. The latter six books are about life in exile.


I. The Writings

a. The First Six Books: Covenant Life

1. Psalms

2. Job

3. Proverbs and Ruth

4. Song of Songs

5. Ecclesiastes

b. The Second Six Books: Life in Exile

1. Lamentations

2. Esther

3. Daniel

4. Ezra to Chronicles

II. Some Implications of the Hebrew Canonical Structure

III. The Source of the Arrangement of the Hebrew Canonical Structure

IV. Should we Follow the Hebrew Arrangement for our Bibles?

V. Understanding the Covenantal Structure of our Bibles

a. Personal Experience at Seminary

b. The Influence of Meredith Kline

c. The Development of my Chart

d. Drawing the Chart

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