New Testament Overview

Detailed overview of the New Testament.

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About this Class

Over the course of 20 lectures, Dr. Carl Laney walks you through a moderately detailed overview of the New Testament with ministry applications. You will begin with God’s plan for the ages, then move to a discussion of the historical context and key events in the life of Jesus. Following a couple lectures on James and the testing of our faith, Dr. Laney then highlight’s Paul’s missionary journeys, his trip to Rome and his subsequent imprisonment. The New Testament survey continues with a study through the books of I and II Timothy, Titus, Hebrews and concludes with Revelations. 

  • Length:
    10 hours
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    Certificate for $145
  • Institution:
    Western Seminary
  • Subject:
    New Testament
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An overview of the New Testament is necessary for Biblical literacy. You need to know more than Bible stories with little moral lessons. What you need is a worldview of God’s encompassing plan for the ages. Keep your eyes on the road. If only you watch those things directly in front of you,  you can lose perspective of God's bigger plan and overcorrect your course. However, if you keep your focus on the big picture, you can steer a straight course. This lecture calls your attention to the main point: God’s sovereignty over all, including history, and God's redemptive plan for humankind.


This second lecture focuses on God’s plan to reclaim his kingdom, and execute judgment on Satan and his followers. Humanity joined with Satan to rebel against God, and yet in God’s infinite grace and mercy, God has a plan for you along with the rest of humanity (John 3:16). This plan reasserts God's sovereignty over all creation, including humanity and Satan and his followers.   


Historical Background and Context


Key Events in the Life of Jesus


Chapters 1-2


Chapters 3-5


The Jerusalem Council, Acts 15


Acts 16-17:10, Philippi and Thessalonica


Acts 17:16 - 18:22, Athens, Corinth, and return to Antioch


Paul's Imprisonment and Ministry in Rome


The Superior Person of Christ


The Work of Christ and Life of Faith


Letters to the Churches

Meet the Professors

Professor of Biblical Literature