Free Online Bible Classes | Nature of Practical Theology (Part 2)

Nature of Practical Theology (Part 2)

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God can only be fully know by revelation. However, we can know some things about God by observation and reason. Thomas Aquinas gave 5 reasons that supports the idea of the existence of God. We can perceive motion and there must be something that caused the motion. Nothing can come from nothing, so something must exist at all times, which is God. Humans are contingent beings, but God’s essence is to exist. There are different degrees of goodness and complexity in organisms, so there must be a being of a highest form of good. Design and purpose must be at work because it’s not reasonable that the universe resulted from chance. Dembski also estimates that the mathematical odds for everything happening from a single cell at less than 1 in 10 to the 150th power. 


I. Existence of God

A. Thomas Aquinas

1. Motion

2. Efficient cause

3. Necessary being

4. Gradation

5. Design

II. Existence of God as a Live Option

III. Challenge of Science

A. Nonmanipulables of incompetence

B. Nonmanipulables of Condition

C. Paul Tillich

D. Pascal's wager

IV. Questions and Answers

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