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Land of Shalishah

SHALISHAH, LAND OF shə’ lĭ shə (אֶֽרֶצ־שָׁלִ֖שָׁה, The Land of the Third; LXX, A ἡ γη̂ Σαλισσά, The Land of Salissa; KJV SHALISHA). A region through which Saul passed (1 Sam 9:4). Perhaps the same region as referred to in “Baal-shalishah” (q.v., 2 Kings 4:42). “Baal-shalisha” could refer to a local shrine to the god or “Baal” of the region. The Biblical passages are too vague to suggest any probable identification. However, Eusebius and Jerome refer to a Bethsalisa, i.e. Beth-shalisha, N of Lydda. Condor then identified the site with Khirbet Kefr Thilth in that region, since “thilth” is etymologically related to “shalishah.”

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)

sha-li’-sha, shal’-i-sha (’erets shalishah; Codex Vaticanus he ge Selcha; Codex Alexandrinus he ge Salissa): If the general indication of the route followed by Saul, given under SHAALIM, is correct, the land of Shalishah (1Sa 9:4) will lie to the Northeast of Lydda on the western slope of the range. Baal-shalishah would most likely be in the district, and may indeed have given its name to it. If Conder is right in identifying this city with Khirbet Kefr Thilth, about 19 miles Northeast of Jaffa, it meets well enough the general indication given above. Eusebius, Onomasticon knows the name, but gives no guidance as to where the district is. Baal-shalishah it places in the Thamnite region, 15 miles North of Diospolis (Lydda). No boundaries can be laid down, but probability points to this neighborhood.