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Essentials of Philosophy and Christian Thought, by Dr. Ron Nash


Lecture 1:

Dr. Nash covers the objectives to the lectures, reading material, and discusses the five major beliefs that make up a worldview

Lecture 2:

A discussion of naturalism, what it teaches, two major exponents of naturalism (Lamont, Russell), and why it is wrong


Lecture 3:
Plato: Introduction and Summary

Theories opposed by Plato ("Hermman"), his significance, his three forms of dualism, and Plato's basic teaching on "forms"

Lecture 4:
Plato's Theory of Knowledge

Plato's doctrine of the immortality of the Soul, his understanding of knowledge (argued against by Augustine and Plotinus), and a discussion of rationalism vs. empiricism

Other Philosophers and Philosophies

Lecture 5:
Aristotle, Plotinus, and Aquinas

The contributions of Aristotle (the law of non-contradiction; the difference between essential and non-essential properties), Plotinus, and Aquinas

Lecture 6:
The Case Against Open Theism

Open theism is the belief that God does not know the future; otherwise, we would not be free in our decisions. Nash discusses the teachings of God's omniscience and human free will, and the logical implications of this teaching.