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Book of Noah

NOAH, BOOK OF. An ancient Jewish work about Noah, known to us from Jubilees (see 10:13; 21:10) and now thought prob. to underlie certain portions of the Book of Enoch (1 Enoch).

The general teaching of 1 Enoch points to an author who was one of the Chasids or of the later Pharisees. The author of the book fits into the Chasidic designation well, but further than this it is impossible to go. The book is important as forming part of 1 Enoch which furnishes very valuable information regarding pre-Christian Jewish theology.

No MS of the Book of Noah on its own is extant. There are many MSS of 1 Enoch, some of which are fragmentary and most of which are very late. In addition to this, there are Greek, Latin and Ethiopic VSS.


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