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Lecture 16: Leading Music

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It is important to choose theologically balanced songs with music appropriate for the people. The worship leader is an extension of the congregation and should prepare the material and the worship team so they can communicate effectively and appropriately.


Designing Worship Experiences

Part 2

V.  Leading Music

A.  Balanced approach to worship

B.  Work quietly and reverently

C.  Team experience

D.  Importance of speaking slowly and clearly

E.  Fewer words are better

F.  Subtraction by addition

G.  Leader as an extension of the congregation

H.  Use of more "we" songs, fewer "I" songs

I.  Songs should be theologically balanced

J.  Consistent transparencies

K.  Appropriate volume

L.  Preparation is important

M.  Access for all


Name Description
1 Worship - Quiz 16

Worship - Quiz 16

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