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Biblical/Theological Issues

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Islam does not teach the doctrine of the Trinity.


Biblical and Theological Issues


I. The “True” Injil

A. The “Epistle” of Barnabus

B. The (First) Gospel of Barnabus

1. First emergence of the title - Gelasian Decree

2. Gnostic background to the book

3. Only known fragment

C. The (Second?) Gospel of Barnabus (Italian text)

1. Historical gap

2. What we know about the Gospel of Barnabus

D. The Textual Distribution of the New Testament by the 7th century


II. Son of God

A. Doctrine of “Shirk” - Deny the Takbir

B. Physical Co-habitation and Biblical Anthropomorphisms


III. Trinity

A. The Doctrine of the Trinity and the Doctrines of Transcendence and Immanence

1. Islam/Gnosticism/Deism Transcendence

2. Pantheism/Buddhism/Hinduism Immanence

B. Three truths of the doctrine of the Trinity

1. The Unity of God (takbir)

2. Eternal, personal distinctions within one essence

3. Co-equal, Co-eternal, Consubstantial

C. Islamic confusion about the Trinity

1. Cohabitation views of Trinity - Allah and Mary

2. Patripassionism - Allah is Jesus?

3. Christ a Theanthropic person, not Theanthropic in essence

4. Modalism

5. Arianism

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