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Pillars 1 & 2

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The first two pillars of the Muslim faith are the confession of faith (Shahadah), and ritual prayer (Salat).


Central Articles of Islamic Faith and Practice

Part 1

I.  Great Qur'anic Passage #6: Surah 112 “The Unity”

A.  One-third of the Qur’an – Second most quoted Surah in Qur’an

B.  Anti-Christian theme: “He begot none, nor was He begotten”


II.  Unifying Principles: Five Pillars (part 1)

A.  Confession of Faith (Shahadah)

1.  Phrase does not appear in the Qur’an, only its components/theology

2.  “I bear witness” – entrance into the “dar al-Islam

3.  “There is no God, but Allah”

a.  20:8, 112:1 – parallels with Hebrew Shema

b.  Allah’s sovereignty and unrivaled providence

4.  “Muhammad is the Prophet of Allah”

a.  Muhammad is the human conduit through which the Qur’an is revealed to the world; the final “seal” of the prophets

b.  Muhammad is the first to submit to Allah as an Arab Muslim

c.  Muhammad becomes the supreme example of a true Muslim

B.  Ritual Prayer (Salat)

1.  Du’a vs. Salat

2.  Call to Prayer (Adhan) by Muezzin

3.  Four aspects of Salat

a.  ablution (5:6)

b.  direction (qiblah) (2:144) (change: 2:115, 177)

c.  movements (rak’ah) (4:103)

d.  times (111:114)

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