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Captial Punishment and Civil Disobedience

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Discussion of biblical, practical and legal issues surrounding the issues of capital punishment and civil disobedience.


Contemporary Moral Issues

Part 5

V. Capital Punishment

A. Consistency in Positions

1. Ron Sider

2. Objection to Sider

B. Biblical Text

1. Capital offenses

2. Hermeneutical Principle

a. Distinguish between laws

b. Theocracy was temporary.

c. Certain offenses are no longer capital crimes.

d. Principle of Genesis 9 still applies.

C. Deterrent Effect

1. Gordon Clark

2. Failure to punish


VI. Civil Disobedience

A. Civil Rights Movement

B. Battle against Abortion

C. Biblical Precedent

1. Hebrew midwives

2. New Testament disciples

3. Three Hebrews

D. Objection and Response

E. Criteria

1. Unjust and immoral law

2. Legal means exhausted?

3. Public, not clandestine?

4. Likelihood of success?

5. Willing to accept the penalty

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