The Virtue Ethic of C.S. Lewis

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C.S. Lewis compares morality to a fleet of ships. In order for them to have a successful voyage, they must run properly, be headed for the right destination, and the relations between the ships must be in proper order.


Philosophical Ethics

Part 4



I. The Virtue Ethic of C. S. Lewis



A. Analogy about the Moral Life

1. Morality compared to a fleet of ships

2. Three conditions for a successful voyage

a. Every ship must run properly.

i. Analogous to individual lives

ii. Virtue and commandments

b. Relations between ships must be in proper order.

i. Analogous to relationships with others

ii. Love

c. The fleet must be headed for the right destination.

i. Analogous to a society

ii. Vision

B. View of God

1. View of God effects moral life

2. Three views of God

a. Pantheism

i. No distinction between God and the world

ii. Problems with pantheism

b. Dualistic System

i. Two basic principles: good and evil

ii. Problems with dualism

c. Ethical Monism

C. Rebuttal to Ethical Relativism

D. Order of the Universe

1. Physical Order

2. Moral Order

3. Natural Law


Name Description
1 Christian Ethics - 5

Christian Ethics - 5


21 min

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