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Lecture 4: Justification by Faith

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Justification by faith is the central, foundational doctrine of Christianity and is unique compared to other religions. It is the manner in which we continue to walk with the living God. To Luther, it is more than just a doctrine, it is a death and a resurrection joining us to the living Christ. 


I. Justification "sola fidei."
    A. The doctrine of justification by faith is the theological foundation of all Luther's work.
    B. Function of conscience
    C. Luther speaks of justification not as being saved from vice to virtue, but moving from virtue to grace.
    D. Luther's view of justification by faith compared to previous medieval teaching.
    E. We are simultaneously saints and sinners.
    F. Paul and Luther switch from using the legal metaphor to using "death-life" language.
    G. Conclusion

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29 min

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