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Lecture 1: Philosophy of History (part 1)

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Nash introduces the idea of World View Thinking, followed by the Philosophy of History, Collingwood's theory of history, and Bultmann and his historical idealism.


Philosophy of History

Part 1

I. Brief Introduction to World View Thinking

A. What is a world view?

B. Life’s most important Questions

1. God

2. Ultimate Reality

3. Ethics

4. Human Knowledge

5. Human Beings

C. Issues in a Consistent World View


II. The Philosophy of History

A. History and Geschichte

B. History and the Christian faith


III. Collingwood’s Theory of History


IV. Bultmann and Historical Idealism

A. Faith and History

B. Form and Content in the Kerygma

C. Myth in the New Testament

D. Bultmann’s position weakened by

1. the nature of phenomenological language

2. the uncertain meaning of “science”

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54 min

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