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Lecture 9: History of Modern Missions Eras 1 and 2

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Hudson Taylor went to China as a first era missionary. Taylor travels inland and pushes the limits of what the missions organizations were willing to do. Frontier missions focused on the interior areas of countries, used a faith missions model for organization and funding, and recruited lay people, including students and women. Contextualization is preaching the Gospel in a way that is sensitive to the recipient.


B. Frontier Missions 1865 –
    1. Hudson Taylor's strategy
        a. He would adapt as much as possible to the Chinese culture
        b. He starts his own mission and goes into the interior of China
        c. Taylor recruited students and women to be missionaries
    2. Contextualization
C. Completion of the Beachhead Missions Era - 1910
D. Unreached Peoples Missions - 1934
    1. William Cameron Townsend
    2. Donald McGavran

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