Free Online Bible Classes | Windows Into the World of Missions (Part 2)

Windows Into the World of Missions (Part 2)

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The “ten forty window” is one of the places where there is a concentration of unreached people groups. A window is a way to recognize the big picture while realizing that every local context is unique. The main focus is to look at each of the five mega-spheres and identify what is unique about each one.


Windows Into the World of Missions

I. Introduction

II. Ten Forty Window

A. North Africa and the Middle East

B. South Asia

C. East Asia

III. Post-Christian Window

A. North America and Western Europe

B. Eastern Europe

IV. Orothodox Window (split at here at 50:01)

V. Younger Church Window

VI. Christo-pagan/Pentecostal Window

A. Christo-pagan

B. Pentecostal

VII. Summary

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