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Judges and 1 Samuel

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God disciplines and delivers his people. When everyone does what is right in their own eyes, terrible things happen. The “sin cycle” in Judges is a prominent theme.Baal worship was fundamentally the worship of sex, money and power. Turning away from God results in all sorts of chaos and suffering. 1 and 2 Samuel emphasize that God will provide a kingdom and a king with whom he will make a covenant to establish an eternal kingdom through his descendants. Samuel is the last judge and Saul is the first king. Samuel is a prophet, priest and judge and encourages the people to honor their covenant with God.


I. Judges

A. Introduction

1. The Theme of Judges

2. Setting and Dating for the Book of Judges

3. Sociological Factors

B. Outline of Judges

1. The Roots of Chaos (1:1–2:5)

2. Living in Chaos (2:6–16:31)

3. The Consequences of Living in Chaos (17–21)

C. Concluding Thoughts

II. 1 Samuel

A. Setting for 1 & 2 Samuel

B. Outline of 1 Samuel

1. Samuel’s Career (1–8)

2. Saul as Israel’s King (9–15)

3. David Becomes King (16–31)

C. Concluding Thoughts on Saul’s Life and Work

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