Free Online Bible Classes | Journey to Jerusalem (Part 3)

Journey to Jerusalem (Part 3)

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The important thing is not how much faith you have, but that you have faith and act on it. Forgiveness is important. The answer to the rich young ruler’s question is, “you embrace the kingdom of God.”


I. Luke chapter 17

II. Luke chapter 18

            A. Parable about the two men praying

III. Faithfulness in the Face of Opposition (Matt 19.1-Matt 21.9; Mark 10.1-11.10; Luke 18.15-19.44)

            A. Rich young ruler

            B. Healing of the blind man

            C. Divorce

            D. Parable of the laborers

            E. Question from the disciples about seats of preference

            F. Parable of the pounds

IV. The "A" Triumphal Entry

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