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James - Part 1

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Chapters 1-2.

Ten days after the ascension of Jesus came the Feast of the Pentecost. It was on this day that the early church received the Holy Spirit, just as Jesus had promised. As a result of the indwelling and empowering ministry of the Holy Spirit the church grew. With that growth also came persecution.  In this lesson, you will learn about the testing of a living faith, the response of your faith to the trials you face and the importance of your response to the Word of God. You are challenged to ask yourself “what does active faith look like?”


I. Tests of a Living Faith

A. Author

B. Readers

C. Date of Writing

D. Historical Setting

E. Purpose

F. Theme

II. Faith Tested By Its Response to Trial - James 1:1-18

A. Introduction, 1:1

B. The Attitude in Trials, 2-4

1. What is a trial?

2. What is a temptation?

C. Prayer for Wisdom, 1:5-8

D. An Evaluation of Wealth, 1:9-11

E. The Way of Temptation

III. Faith Tested By Its Response to the Word of God, 1:19-27

A. Receiving the Word, 19-21

B. Applying the Word, 22-25

IV. Faith Tested By Its Reaction to Partiality, 2:1-13

A. The Sin of Partiality, 1-4

B. The Evil Consequences of Partiality, 5-11

C. Summary Exhortation, 12-13

V. Faith Tested By Its Production of good Works, 2:14-26

A. The fallacy of Inactive Faith, 14-18

B. The Illustrations of an Active Faith, 19-26

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