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1 Peter - Introduction

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The apostle Peter wrote this letter to encourage Christians to be faithful during a time of suffering.


General Epistles

Part 4

III.  1 Peter (part 1)

A.  Introduction

1.  Authorship

a.  The Apostle Peter

b.  Objections

i.  The Greek is too good.

ii.  The theology is too Pauline.

iii.  The persecution mentioned didn't take place until later.

c.  Response

i.  We don't know the level of Peter's Greek. Silvanus could have made it better Greek.

ii.  The theology is the theology of the Church.

iii.  The persecution appears to have been periodic and unofficial.

2.  Audience

3.  Place of Origin

4.  Outline

a.  Salutation (1:1-2)

b.  The identity of God's people (1:3-2:10)

c.  The responsibilities of God's people (2:11-4:11)

d.  The responsibilities of the church and elders (4:12-5:11)

e.  Conclusion (5:12-14)

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