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Hebrews - Introduction

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It is unclear who wrote the book of Hebrews.


General Epistles

Part 1

I.  Hebrews (part 1)

A.  Introduction

1.  Authorship

a.  Arguments against Pauline authorship

i.  No Pauline salutation

ii.  Does not claim to be Pauline

iii.  Arrangement is not Pauline

iv.  Different style and vocabulary

v.  Theological emphases

a)  Exaltation of Christ

b)  Purification, perfection, sanctification

c)  High Priesthood of Christ

d)  Little concerning justification

vi.  Hebrews 2:3

b.  Who wrote Hebrews?

i.  Luke?

ii.  Clement of Rome?

iii.  Apollos?

iv.  Barnabas?

v.  Acquila?

vi.  Priscilla?

vii.  Only God knows.

2.  Date

a.  Quoted in 1 Clement (96)

b.  Timothy is alive (up to 96)

c.  Persecution (Nero - 64, Domitian 81-96)

d.  Jewish ritual (before 70)

3.  Audience

a.  Jewish Christians

b.  Living in Italy or Rome

4.  Epistle or Sermon?

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