Free Online Bible Classes | Introduction to Hermeneutics (Part 1)

Introduction to Hermeneutics (Part 1)

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An Introduction to Hermeneutics


The Goal of Interpretation

Part 1

I. An Introduction to Hermeneutics (part 1)

A. Origin of the word "hermeneutics"

B. Three Components Involved in Communication

1. The author (encoder)

2. A text (code)

3. A reader (decoder)

C. What determines meaning?

1. The text gives meaning.

a. Semantic autonomy

b. Problem

2. The reader gives the meaning.

a. Dominant view of today

b. Problem

3. The author gives the meaning

a. Widespread implications

i. Bible translation

ii. Law

iii. Art

iv. Music

v. Literature

b. Objections to authorial meaning

i. "Intentional fallacy"

1) Cannot experience the life of the author

2) Author may not be competent

ii. "Radical Historicism"