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Lecture 1: Introduction to Galatians

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Galatians is about how you get yourself right with God and also how the Gospel is an inclusive power. 


Introduction to Galatians

I. Introduction

II. Preaching a letter like Galatians

A. Hermeneutics

1. Historical irrelevancy

2. Homiletical expediency

B. Example from Galatians

1. “You gentiles need not to become ‘Torah observant’ out of the mistaken idea that you must do this to be saved.”

2. “Why shouldn’t the gentiles be Torah observant?”

a. Doing the Torah involves doing something that humans can't do.

b. Its function of elevating Israel and keeping Gentiles out is over.

c. Implications of each view.

d. Expository preaching

III. Introductory information

A. Who were the Galatians?

B. When did Paul write Galatians?

C. Why did Paul write?

IV. Summary

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